Friday, August 28, 2009

Tricks by Ellen Hopkins

What is love? Is it primal lust, passion? Or something deeper, meant for forever?

Five teens traveling paths different, but also the same, must decide for themselves. Eden, Whitney, Cory, Ginger, Seth: Each is looking for a forever love, but all end up in a place far from it.

Words are power, and Ellen Hopkins is their master in this poetry-story, blending five separate lives together seamlessly. It can be difficult to remember who's who, but even that animosity adds to the message Hopkins is conveying. Each narrator has different dreams, and somewhere in one of them you will find yourself - which only means more heartbreak when they fall into prostitution, because Hopkins pulls out all the stops. There are no blunted blows, no softened corners; she tells it raw and true. Real-life victims don't always find their happy endings, and Hopkins is not known for promising them, but it is worth loving these characters to find out for yourself.

Lock yourself away and cancel all other engagements, because Tricks will suck you in and hold you captive to the last page.

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