Saturday, August 15, 2009

Death by Bikini by Linda Gerber

Aphra Connolly has spent the last four years living on a secluded island resort, a favorite retreat of the rich and famous. The downside? Guests come and go but there are no other teens to hang out with. So when sexy Seth Mulo checks in with his family under mysterious circumstances, Aphra wants to know more.

What she finds is mystery...and danger. Seth is not who he clames to be, strange people are showing up on the island, and to top it off, one of the guests washes up dead on the beach! Apra has no idea what she's in for.

Before you assume this is one of those snooty, glitsy-girl books, here's a heads-up: Aphra works at the resort. She is both levelheaded and kind, and it's exciting to get into her head as the drama unfolds. And it's amusing to see her muddle through her feelings about Seth, especially when she learns some startling truths.


This weekend, I got to meet Linda Gerber!! It was a small gathering, which means she was able to answer all of our questions. Topics ranged from Aphra's love interests (definitely spoilers there) to publishing books to how she writes (on a laptop, by the way. It's much faster than longhand). Apparently, the series was originally about vampires, but it became the fang-free version out on shelves. Unfortunately, I forgot to pull out my camera >.< but she did sign my copy of DBB!


  1. That's great! I went to my first signing a few weeks ago. I net Conrad Williams horror writer. It's nice to see them in person. He was totally different to what I imagined :D I've heard of this author before, is she YA?

  2. Yes, she writes YA, and Death By... is a whole trilogy!

    I went to see Tamora Pierce at a signing a couple months ago. Now that was a star-struck moment. She has a really dry sense of humor, and she personalized all three of my books!