Saturday, January 14, 2012

Once Upon a Time....

I'm taking a break from books today to rave about ABC's Once Upon a Time. The short summary is that Snow White and Prince Charming didn't get their happily ever after - the queen cursed them and threw all fairy tale characters into the worst nightmare imaginable....our world. With amnesia. Yep.

The series alternates between turning classic fairy tales on their heads (for example, how Jimminy became a cricket and met Geppetto), and the tensions going on in our world. Namely, Snow White and Charming's daughter needs to be convinced that she can save them all.

I love the complexity of this series. Going back and rewatching episodes makes me realize how far the writers must have planned things out, because the Fairy Tale flashbacks are not chronological. Someone can mention a "past" event in episode three that gets acted out in episode eight. It's awesome.

And, of course, we've got some spunky heroines. My favorite is Snow White, who did the Robin Hood act and actually robbed Charming in the woods. A damsel in distress, she is not.

Many of the episodes are online. If you enjoy it, leave a comment!