Saturday, August 15, 2009


I'm that nerd who puts book release dates on her calendar instead of date-dates. In case anyone else loves the anticipation of a new release, I've added the "Waiting for..." in the sidebar. However, I have no idea how to make a countdown widget; the ones I have up were already made by gifted book lovers TT-TT

If you know how to make a countdown widget, I'd appreciate it if you left a comment or sent me an email. There is something immensely satisfying in watching the seconds tick down when you know you have at least a month's wait, and I would really love to add that to the awesome books in the queue.



  1. Widgetbox, or Sprout are good. Sprout charges money, but I think they have a free account type too.

  2. Thanks for the suggestions! I'm trying out Widgetbox, although their tutorials are terrible. Now I need to teach myself java to create the clock.