Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Invitation Only by Kate Brian

She had to break all the rules to do it, but Reed is finally a Billings girl. Finally the best of the best at the elite Easton Academy...in theory. In truth, the so-called friends that got her into Billings are still making her play Cinderella.

If that weren't enough, her boyfriend Thomas is still missing, and she's caught the eye of the most powerful student in school. Reed has plans to have it all, both acceptance and her perfect man, but will the means justify the ends?

This is the second book in the Private series. To be honest, I almost didn't pick it up because the first book was all about Reed losing her morals to become friends with cruel snobs. Invitation Only continues that theme, but I kept reading because I wanted to know how low she would sink next.

And wow, did she sink. Using a guy who totally loves her to find her missing boyfriend, even though a)she's disgusted by the guy, and b)said boyfriend broke up with her in a note? No one ever said high school was about the grades.

However, don't let my criticism of Reed's character stop you from reading. The novel was well-written, so if you like Clique-styled books, you'd probably enjoy it. There are many fashion details, and of course the Billings girls are keeping a wealth of secrets...

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  1. I love The Clique Series. P.S. I Loathe You was slightly disappointing.

    Really hate how girls sacrifice their moral fiber or whatever, to get in with the "in" crowd. That's probably why I won't be reading this.

    Nice honest review, though.