Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Crashed by Robin Wasserman

Lia Kahn is done pretending to be normal. She is a mistake, a replacement for the real Lia Kahn that can never be the original. It doesn't matter that she thinks like Lia or acts like Lia, because she is a machine. And she embraces it, living in a refuge for mechs that allows them to be themselves - whatever that is anymore.

But when someone with Lia's face commits mass murder, she is faced with more condemnation than ever. Even worse, the most prominent hater is Auden - Auden, who had accepted her, loved her. Can she overcome the hatred?

Thoughts on the world:
This series is very definitely sci-fi. So how far away are we from uploading our brains into machines? What about self-driving cars, zones (think facebook), and behavior-modifyers? When will we wreck the earth so badly that the sun rarely appears through the smog of pollution?

Thoughts on the characters:
  • Lia isn't perfect, and she's not pretending to be perfect. She's just trying to feel something. Why should she care about injury, or even complete destruction of her body, when she'll just be uploaded into a new one?
  • We learn more about Jude, Riley, and Ani in this book. Wasn't it nice of the BioMax people to give them working, Caucasian bodies as a consolation prize for being lab rats? Also, venturing into the city has given us a glimpse into the lives of the unfortunate. The world is perfect for those who can afford it...
  • Lia's dad bailed her out of jail. Why? If he doesn't think that she is his Lia, why bother helping her?
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